Products We LOVE

Check out these fertility products we <3. You won't regret it.


Yes, you read it right. One of our most fave products is a staple on the shopping lists of childbearing-aged Dollar Tree store patrons. Honestly though, this is such an old technology that you really should NEVER be paying more than a dollar for an HCG test.


Wondfo Ovulation Test Strips (w/20 HCG tests)

Use these affordable, reliable and foolproof strips to double check your LH levels during your fertile period.


Proov Progesterone Test Strips

A great way to double-check whether or not ovulation has passed in the post-Peak phase of the cycle.



A multi-vitamin recommended for women who have moderate to severe PMS. Women we speak to swear by it and claim that it changes their lives, so in our book, it’s a winner.


Pre-Seed Fertility Friendly Lubricant

A lubricant for women trying to conceive. Doesn’t contain spermicide like many of the leading brands of lubricants.


Lola feminine products

Meet LOLA: 100% hypoallergenic cotton feminine care with no additives, synthetics, chemicals, or dyes. Wrapped in a compact plastic applicator, our products provide superior protection and are delivered in customizable shipments right to your door.

LOLA was created with a simple and seemingly obvious idea: women shouldn’t have to compromise when it comes to tampons.

So, when LOLA's founders found out that feminine care brands—the same ones they'd been loyal to all these years—weren’t required to disclose exactly what’s in their products, it made them wonder: what’s in our tampon?

If we care about what’s in the food we eat and the beauty products we use, this shouldn’t be any different. Just as our standards have changed, isn’t it time our tampons evolved, too?


Ruby Cup

Buy and donate a Ruby Cup. Ruby Cup is a healthier, more sustainable, cost-effective and eco-friendly alternative to pads and tampons. Made from 100% soft, medical grade silicone, our menstrual cup is safe, comfortable and hygienic.

Quite simply, Ruby Cup makes a world of difference. It will transform how you manage your period and help promote menstrual health in developing countries.

Spice E-Book

Have you ever struggled with communication in marriage? Well, you aren’t alone! Happily for us, author Holly Baril takes communication in marriage and simplifies it, one word at a time. Baril has taken her years of expertise dealing with all of this and is sharing it in her latest eBook, SPICE: A Guide to an Intimate Marriage.The eBook packs tons of value but more importantly, it makes that value actionable. This one actually gives you simple, easy to use tools to improve communication in marriage on day 1!


body Boss 2.0

Seeing how exercise and diet are really two key components of healthy fertility, the Body Boss makes it on the list of our faves, hands down! Bring the gym to you and workout from anywhere with BodyBoss 2.0 portable home gym. For a mom on the go, it’s versatile, practical, and affordable. We love ours and the ability to put the baby down for a nap and knock out a gym-style workout anywhere in the house. Easily strength train 3-4 times per week from home and get into the shape of your life!