We specialize in ONLINE instruction!


1. Are you tired of not knowing when your period is going to come?
2. Do you want to learn how your cycle works and what the signs of fertility are?
3. Are you tired of using artificial birth control methods, like pills, condoms, gels, foams or diaphragms?
4. Do you seek something to manage fertility naturally, without the negative side-effects?
5. Are you looking for a method that works with any reproductive situation such as irregular cycles, while breastfeeding, during pre-menopause and/or post contraceptive pill?

6. Do you want to identify and correct gynecologic and reproductive issues just by charting your menstrual cycles?
7. Are you looking for a system that both you and your husband can use together?

8. Do you want to use a family-focused system, proven to be reliable and as effective as birth control?
9. Are you looking for a system that is taught privately and made to fit your situation and reproductive needs?
10. Are you ready to take control of your own reproductive health?


If you answered YES to any of the above questions, then the Creighton Model System may be the perfect fit for you.

(Full disclosure: Our clients commit to the program and are willing to work hard to get the results they desire. If you’re looking for a carefree, quick-fix or a magic pill, then this program may not be right for you.)


Introductory Sessions

Now specializing in ALL-ONLINE introductory instruction!

To register, click on the date of the Introductory Session desired above and follow the prompts for signing up.

- Note: If a pop-up about "website security certificate" occurs, first continue trying to proceed or try allowing pop-ups on your internet browser


Location of Introductory Sessions    

TBA upon successful signup


Follow-up Sessions

In order to learn the CrMS effectively...
each client must sign up for follow-up appointments with a Creighton Model FertilityCare Practitioner. The follow-up schedule is subject to adjustment according to the individual needs of the client.

1st – 2 weeks after Intro

2nd – 4 weeks after Intro

3rd – 6 weeks after Intro

4th – 8 weeks after Intro

5th – 3 months after Intro

6th – 6 months after Intro

7th – 9 months after Intro

8th – 12 months after Intro


Location of Follow-up Appointments

Galveston, Texas - specific location TBA upon registration

Long distance sessions available upon inquiry


Days and Times

See appointment-scheduling page.

Materials and Fees

The Materials

The initial package of first year materials includes the Creighton Model FertilityCare System User Manual, Chart, mini Picture Dictionary and Stamps. Long distance clients pay tax as well as shipping fees.

The Introductory Session* 

This registers you for a spot at a one-hour, general Introductory Session. Please see Cancellation Policy below.


First & Second Follow-Up Appointment

The first Follow-Up is characteristically longer than the rest. This appointment requires prepayment upon program sign-up.


Regular Follow-Up Appointments

This is where the standardized system is personalized to your specific situation. All fees are subject to increase without notice at any time. New pricing will go into effect for current clients on the 1st of the next year.

*All prices on Acuity Scheduler reflect ONLINE instruction. Please see our Cancellation Policy below.